Random research review

Some of it was suggested by others, some we just liked, some we came across randomly. In no specific order.

Ben Lewis art critic; The Square, film. relevance – ★✰✰✰✰

We don’t want to critique the art world.

Informercials by Adult swim: relevance – ★★★★✰


Some informal commercials (like it names), quite relate to our informal documentaries, could be a reference of making following business modeled practices. The Adult Swim channel describes itself as “an unexpected blend of authenticity, originality, and cleverness” – we fit this description too. Many of its programs are aesthetically  experimental, transgressive, improvised, and surrealist in nature (from wikipedia).

Making intervention workshop with Stephanie Spindler: relevance – ★★★✰✰

Not like what we thought at first, but her live stream performance piece is quite informative, and how she develop her practices in the academic system. Filming herself and viewing audience reaction. We study our audiences systematically but could also document this study.

John Baldessari: relevance – ★★★★★

Our godfather, key reference, he has done all the things we want to do. and we will follow his famous words, to not make any more boring art.

The Artist‘s Joke: relevance – ★★★★★

Very useful text for contextualising our practice.

Fischli&Weiss: relevance – ★★★★✰

Their film The Point of Least Resistance can be a good reference for our Ways of Not Seeing series.

Andrea Fraser: relevance – ★★★★✰

We like her gallery tour performances, but we might have some different understanding about the institutions, Dolly is still read about her.

Hito Steyerl: relevance – ★★★✰✰

No direct reference but we like humorous artists, and her writing is also informative.

Bruce Nauman: relevance – ★★★✰✰

He is funny, we like funny artists, also a reference of artist as subject.

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